Durkin might as well have been. The email, which noted the various high-profile individuals who had endorsed the campaign

The NFL did acknowledge Cantrell’s campaign months ago, in a cursory fashion. After calling the NFL’s offices and asking to talk to NFL Senior VP of Public Relations Greg Aiello, Cantrell was directed to send an email to an employee named Ted Durkin, “whom my wife assumed was made up and laughed at me,” Cantrell said.

Durkin might as well have been. The email, which noted the various high-profile individuals who had endorsed the campaign — among them the co-creator of “How I Met Your Mother,” Texas Rangers pitcher Travis Blackley and the band Hatebreed — was never returned. This despite Cantrell’s assurances of SPCA compliance — “May Gor Gor, GWAR’s pet dinosaur, be involved in the theatrics?” Cantrell wrote in his email. “He will not be harmed as he does the harming” — and a willingness to compromise, for instance by having GWAR play the Pro Bowl. When GWAR announced that it would be delighted to both play at and play in the 2015 Super Bowl, the NFL remained silent:
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There is, both because of how big the NFL is and because of its well-documented moral malleability, something fundamentally cockeyed and dog-walking-on-its-hind-leg-ish about its attempts to seem like something other than a big cruel corporation selling a dangerous and compelling product. But Cantrell’s campaign to get a pack of sadistic alien warlords a halftime gig at the Super Bowl offers an opportunity for the NFL to actually connect with a popular movement among NFL fans that’s far more significant than the gooey fatuity of the league’s Together We Make Football ads and its other ham-fisted gropes at the heartstrings.

There’s no way of knowing how this will end, although we know that GWAR will definitely not be playing the Super Bowl in 2015. “Like all things GWAR,” Cantrell told me, “I see it ending bloody, battered and bruised.” But there is, perhaps, room for all sides to come together. I suggested to Cantrell that maybe something on the order of President Obama’s “beer summit” could be in order here — maybe Cantrell, Aiello and Oderus Urungus sharing a beer or two and hearing each other out.

Authentic Womens Minnesota Twins Jersey Obviously, Oderus’ stance — subjugate, humiliate and ultimately destroy all of humanity — is a matter of public record; the other parties involved might have something to talk about. “I am intrested in that ‘beer summit,'” Cantrell said. “So long as they know I take mine with a Jim Beam back.”