I mean, he did kill two people. He’s the worst under SOME metric. 7) Greggggggwade Jaugaileymularkiams. Want to something even scarier than the Bills’ recent run of head coaches? Go look up the Bills’ list of recent offensive coordinators. It’s like the leaderboard at a terrible PGA event. 8) Kristol 9). $8 million for five. Nix is a fucking genius. Emails from Bills fans: : We had a fan drown at a game last year. : You know the Buffalo Bills suck when the owner chooses to live Wilson Chandler Jersey Detroit instead of Buffalo. : During one trip home 2009, the literal top story on the local news was that some local dudes had scraped together enough money to put FIRE JAURON on a billboard on the Thruway right next to Stadium. The news station sent out a reporter to interview them, and they said, Well, somebody had to do something. This was treated as a very serious matter. Then, a few weeks later, the team did actually fire Jauron., the system works! : If I Anthony Brown Jersey was to write this email weeks ago, I would’ve told you I was looking forward to this, simply on account of there being changes that it’s practically a new team. Maybe they would show signs of, right? Then the front office failed to sign our one consistently talented defensive player Jairus Byrd, and then released after he only played the first five last thanks to a serious knee injury. Oh, and we gave him a four-year, $20 million contract 2012 after he was only making $1 million a year with the Pats the year before. The on top is that one of our most talented lineman, Hairston, has already made the PUP list. And Tuel. : When the Bills start winning, I actually get more pessimistic about their chances. Started the 4? Welcome to finishing 5. : They haven’t even had a winning record since I was sixth grade, and even then they were a 9 team that blew Week 17 against the Steelers’ back-ups. : I used to live Rochester, NY. On gamedays I would go to the local sports bar and watch the days. At said bar there was more than one person wearing a Moorman jersey. Fast forward to 2012 when the Bills cut Moorman and Bills fan friends were contemplating renouncing the team because of such affront to as true a as anyone since. : We get 3 Super Bowls a year: the game vs. New England, the game at New England, and the NFL draft. We usually lose all three. : CJ Spiller had one of the best seasons among RBs the NFL, was yards per with Adrian Peterson, but our coach was too much of a idiot to actually ever use him properly. Instead, they’d rely on the Red Zone, or they’d sit Spiller on 3rd &10 because he’s ‘winded’ that Fitzpatrick could overthrow TJ by about 15 yards for the game- interception. : The three stock video sequences for every home game commercial break are, have been, and always be: Buffalo wings, Falls, and actual buffalo. Also, the State of New had to ensure the newly renovated stadium was named after the current, living owner to help keep him from moving the team. : I was Charlotte December 2007, and the Bills were taking on the Browns. With a 7 record the Bills could boost their playoff chances with a win. With a tightly contested first half I was on the edge of seat, and as I went to take a piss I noticed a a Bills starter jacket. I was glad there was a fellow Bills fan at the bar for once! I went to give him a high five and buy him a beer, but was chided by the seated next to him. I then saw the fan the jacket had Down Syndrome, and had been brought to the bar with the rest of his group home. The Bills would go on to lose 8 a blizzard. : If you’ve ever been to a Bills’ game you’d know that it is the drunkest place on Earth. The fans there are barely capable of forming sentences and if you walk out of the stadium without being within five feet of you’ve accomplished something. : Whenever a new Stadium proposal comes up, fans bitch about wanting to continue playing the cold. Yet, by November, when the Bills are either around.500 or totally fucked, the get blacked out because NO ONE WILL FUCKING GO. : and Marv Levy have cancer. does not, per his antebellum- deal with Satan. : For the first time since 1985, the Bills were finally horrendous enough to warrant a franchise-changing draft pick 2002. They used that pick on the shitacular OT, who noted assclown loved because the pre-draft interview, he had trouble fitting through the door jam BECAUSE HE WAS SO GODDAMN FAT. I gets pulled out to sea and raped to death by a pack of mermen. : I cannot stress enough how much the average Buffalo Bills fan LOATHES the idiot sect of Bills fans known as the Bills mafia They are the loud minority who make us all look bad. They are basically the Tea Party of NFL fan bases.