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Browns DT T.Y. McGill charged with drug possession in Charlotte

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New Browns defensive tackle T.Y. McGill was charged with drug possession late Friday night in Charlotte.

The Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office confirmed Tuesday with the Charlotte Observer that the 24-year-old McGill was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

Ward was part of the Broncos’ vaunted ‘No Fly Zone’ secondary for the last three years and Denver to a Super Bowl 50 win. The Broncos have had the NFL’s top passing defense each of the last two seasons.

His teammates were not happy when they found out he was released in favor of giving recent draft picks more playing time, and he was far from guarded when he spoke to the media in Tampa when he was introduced as a member of the Buccaneeers.

“It’s unfortunate the way they handled that situation,” he said. “But it is what it is. And they got live with it. I got to live with it. And we’ll see what happens. But I’m going to make sure that I land on my feet. That’s just me. And whatever happens to them, happens to them. That’s on them.”

The second-year pro had another notable season-opening performance, as he went over 300 passing yards and showed that his ability to evade pressure and create plays is going to be nightmarish for defenses. If you were patient at quarterback in your draft, have a bit of discomfort after Week 1 with your signal-caller, or are willing to roster two passers and play the matchups each week, Wentz has plenty of value.

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Bengals schedule 2017: Cincinnati attempts to find path back to playoffs

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The Cincinnati Bengals are coming off a 6-9-1 season after a string of five straight playoff appearances. That’s put a little more pressure on Marvin Lewis entering his 15th season as head coach, and Andy Dalton faces a challenge in leading the franchise to its first playoff victory since the 1990-91 season.

Cincinnati is also celebrating its 50th year anniversary. Will that come with a return to the playoffs?

Here’s a month-by-month breakdown of the Bengals’ 2017 regular-season schedule, and how we see it playing out.

The home opener against the Ravens should be a good barometer for where the season is headed. Cincinnati is 6-2 against Baltimore the last four seasons, and that includes win in five of the last six meetings. Houston, however, has won seven of the last eight against the Bengals. The road trip to Lambeau Field in Week 3 won’t be easy, but this is still a month where Cincinnati could emerge with a 2-2 record or better.

“NBA 2K18” will let you play through a story as a general manager, joining its other story-based mode, which is centered on being a player. The game will release Sept. 15 to those who preorder. Shaquille O’Neal is featured on the two pricey special editions of the game, which will be sold for $150 and $100, respectively.

They were burned by using a No. 1 overall supplemental pick on the Duke product in 1992 — Brown started 53 games over six seasons. From 1994 to ’96, he threw 46 interceptions and took a crazy-high 135 sacks, falling well short of following Phil Simms and Jeff Hostetler in Super Bowl glory. Joe Pisarcik also made a strong case with his anti-miracle of a career in the Meadowlands.

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Jaguars wanted fans to show excitement, got disappointment instead

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The 2017 NFL season is soon upon us with training camp underway at several locations. Most fans are excited about a fresh start, beginning the year at 0-0 with a season full of possibilities. But Jaguars fans know better, as they’ve been through several miserable seasons.

The last time Jacksonville made the playoffs was in 2007, and there’s not much hope for them to make it in 2017. Sporting News predicts a 5-11 season, placing last in the AFC South. But while the rest of us realize the Jaguars likely won’t go far this year, the team isn’t giving up hope.

Jacksonville’s social team decided it would be a good idea to get fans hyped by having them respond with GIFs of their excitement.

Good idea, in theory, but it turned out to be a disaster. That’s because Jacksonville fans are a special breed, and they are always prepared for disappointment. So the Jaguars’ strategy didn’t exactly go according to plan.

“Devers’ signature tool is his prodigious power to all fields, the product of impressive bat speed and strength. He’s more than just a slugger, however, which he proved yet again with his ability to make adjustments in high Class A. While he can get aggressive at the plate, he recognizes pitches well for his age and understands he’s at his best when he tries to drive the ball from gap to gap and just lets his power come naturally.t_rangers_016-115x115

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Donald Penn: Derek Carr says he’s ‘almost 100 percent’

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The Oakland Raiders will go as quarterback Derek Carr goes. The end of the 2016 season made that perfectly clear.

But the future is looking bright for the one-time 2016 MVP candidate, who suffered a broken fibula less than two months ago. On NFL Total Access on Tuesday, teammate Donald Penn provided an encouraging update.

“I’ve met him before, and we want DeSean. You better believe we want DeSean here,” Winston said Wednesday, via Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times. “I think he would be a great asset to our team. Me growing up an Eagles fan, seeing what he did for the Eagles and back in his Cal days and even with the Redskins, I would love to have DeSean.”

At 30 years old, Jackson is still playing at a high level, leading all receivers in yards per catch (17.9) while notching his fifth career 1,000-yard season in 2016. Only five players caught more passes of 20-plus yards than Jackson’s 19 last year.

Although Jackson’s preference is to return to the Redskins, there are signs that the team is unwilling to meet his asking price. Earlier this month, the Washington Post reported that Jackson’s play has been “too inconsistent for management’s taste.”

Eager to test his value on the open market, Jackson is expected to draw interest from the Eagles and Rams in addition to the Bucs and Redskins.

With nearly $70 million available in salary-cap space, the Buccaneers can make it tough to match their offer if they deem Jackson a top priority when the new league year starts on March 9.

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Laser pointers are Mexico’s unwanted annoyance at sporting events

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Although it was played more than 2,000 miles away from their usual home base, the Oakland Raiders enjoyed a healthy majority of the crowd support at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City for Monday Night Football, giving them a true home-field advantage in their eventual 27-20 victory over the Houston Texans.

The pro-Raiders crowd mostly displayed the cheers and encouragement Brandon Allen Authentic Jersey the NFL has come to expect, save for a green laser pointer that followed Houston QB Brock Osweiler for much of the night.

And during the broadcast, the laser was also mentioned, and viewers were informed that NFL security had been looking for the culprit throughout the game. However, the fan was not found, and the incidents persisted until the end. Osweiler refused to credit the fan as a definitive reason why Houston dropped the game, but per ESPN’s Sarah Barshop, he said that “having a laser zoomed in on your eyeball definitely affects how you play.”

México is said to have an NFL fan base of about 23 million, the largest outside of the United States and a number that is the combined populations of New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston and San Jose. A sold-out crowd of 76,743 attended the Raiders’ 27-20 win at Azteca Stadium on Monday, and attendance would have been higher if not for recent renovations.

The two highest attendances for NFL games occurred for games played in Azteca in 1994 and ’98, with Brandon Linder Authentic Jersey crowds of 112,376 and 106,424, respectively — and that was preseason.

Millions watched Monday’s contest — the first in Mexico City since 2005, when a Sunday night game between the Cardinals and 49ers drew 103,467 — from the comfort of their own homes. And in the days leading up to it, the fan fest was held in the sprawling Chapultepec Park. Fans ran the 40-yard dash, returned punts, tried on NFL uniforms, snapped pictures of Super Bowl rings and posed with the Lombardi Trophy. Every station had long lines throughout.

The freestyle displayed just how far Johnson has come during this season of the show. In a medley that included the Jackson 5 and “Hey, Mr. Postman,” Johnson and Arnold had several lifts and different types of dances. There were two treadmills involved, and Johnson threw Arnold over his head to other dancers while on a 23rd Street New York City subway set.

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The Magic badly need a trade or two, as do the Kings

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What’s interesting to me is when a generation of players begin their ascent and this feels like a movement: Dame Lillard, Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker, GIannis, AD, KAT. These guys are moving up in the world, either from All-Star to STAR levels, or from intriguing to realized potential. We’re always talking about transition years, but this feels like we’re in the middle of a sizable shift in terms of how we evaluate the next generation of players.

ZILLER: It is, and it’s something Jay Bruce Authentic Womens Jersey we’ve discussed leading up to the season. It’s happening! Yet there’s really not that sort of changing of the guard at the team level. That will happen later.

I’m going to force you into a conversation you’ll probably hate. Who needs to make a trade, or alternately, who needs to be traded for the good of them and us all?

FLANNERY: Yeah, I hate this conversation. But I also understand it’s what makes the NBA world go round so fine, I’ll play along. Let’s assume that Anthony Davis is off the table because that’s everyone default answer and the Pelicans would be mad to even consider the idea. Boogie Cousins is always the other answer to this question because come on; if any franchise/player situation needed a reboot it’s that one.

So, deep dramatic breath here, I think Paul George needs a new home and I think the Pacers should examine the possibility. I don’t know where they’re going and they’ll probably get better as the season goes along, but to what end? PG has two years left after this one on his deal so his value will never be higher. I know all the reasons why a team in Indiana’s position should never do this, and I usually agree with them, but … they could probably have every asset from every team that has them. You’d have to think about it, right?

ZILLER: Oh Flanns, you’re blatantly trying to get Paul George to Boston so you can watch him and talk to him after every Celtics home game. Shame!

I’m actually not convinced there’s an imperative to consider moving him now. As opposed to Boogie and even John Wall, PG-13 has had success in Indiana. There’s like nothing to keep Cousins and Wall in Sacramento and D.C. respectively when their contracts Joe Morgan Authentic Womens Jersey are up.

The Magic badly need a trade or two, as do the Kings. These rosters are just too big-heavy and guard-deficient. While Boston is dealing with injury and while Danny Ainge is never hasty, you wonder if Boston is going to be more active than usual over the next three months.

That’s right, only three months until the trade deadline. The future waits on no one!

FLANNERY: Hey, I root for my interests first and the story second. And you drew me into this conversation, so let me turn the tables here. Are you ready to move on from the Boogie era? Really, really ready?

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Answering Week 11’s biggest fantasy football questions

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NFL Nation reporters answer the biggest fantasy questions posed by ESPN fantasy football analyst Mike Clay.

With one game and a bye under his belt, will receiver Percy Harvin see a major uptick in usage this week?

It might not be a major uptick, but offensive coordinator Josh Wilson Authentic Womens Jersey Anthony Lynn said this week that Harvin is likely to start Sunday’s game in Cincinnati. Lynn stressed, however, that Harvin’s snaps will still be somewhat limited because the Bills want to ease him into action after a year away from the game. Harvin said he expects to be “full go,” but I would expect his usage to be somewhere around 50-60 percent of the offensive snaps.

Thanks to its available cap space, Utah has the right via the renegotiation-and-extension formula Oklahoma City used on Westbrook to tack that $13 million-plus onto to Hill’s current $8 million salary. In addition to raising his standard of living for this season, such an offer also would be a springboard into an extension that takes effect next summer with a starting salary in excess of $22.5 million.

?Which is precisely where the intrigue would begin to bubble if Utah elects to go that route.

Is a deal starting in that range rich enough to convince Hill, given his well-chronicled fondness for his situation in Utah, to sign off on the extension and forgo his turn on the open market? And what would it mean for Favors’ future if that’s indeed the route Utah chooses?

Two excellent questions.

November has been quite the month for the 3-pointer.

If it’s not big men Brook Lopez and Marc Gasol wowing us with long-ball prowess they Kevin Ogletree Authentic Womens Jersey never previously felt sufficiently liberated to put on display, it’s Curry throwing in 13 3s in a game against poor New Orleans to set a new single-game league record.

It’s worth remembering, on this ultra-nostalgic Son of Weekend Dime Friday, that the NBA instituted the 3-point line starting with the 1979-80 season and went nearly a decade and more than 9,000 games before a team sank as many as 13 3s on one night before Sacramento did it on Feb. 9, 1989.

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Jackson said he regularly meets with Knicks star Carmelo Anthony to strengthen their relationship as executive and player

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Carter oversees the entertainment aspects of James’ off-court interests; Paul represents James as his agent and runs the Klutch Sports Group, which counts many other NBA players as clients; and Randy Mims is the executive administrator of player programs Authentic Nick Folk Jersey and logistics for the Cavs.

“We see the success that we have, but then there is always someone that lets you know still how far we still have to go as African-Americans,” James said.

“But it won’t stop us from doing what we need to do as a group,” he added. “We’re not going to let Phil Jackson’s comments stop us from doing what we need to do. It just gives us extra motivation. But it’s still sad.”

James said he didn’t think Jackson would use the Authentic Nick Mangold Jersey term “posse” to describe a powerful sports figure who isn’t African-American.

Lue had no plans to broker a meeting between Jackson and James, even though Lue played for Jackson with the Los Angeles Lakers and won two championships under his tutelage. Lue has repeatedly likened that experience with the Lakers as a “blood transfusion” among all the team members who accomplished it together. Apparently that blood wasn’t so thick between Lue and Jackson, or else he would have easily sorted it out between his former coach and current player.

Thompson wasn’t alone in rallying around James.

“Come on,” Lue said. “We know he’s one of the all-time greatest players, and right now, he’s the best player in the game. We know that and we acknowledge that, but LeBron doesn’t want special treatment. It’s really a big thing when you’re a leader and you want to stand in instead of stand out all the time. There’s times where we have to come in together as a group, not who is the best player or worst player, but a team, one through 15, you have to be a tight-knit group, and LeBron understands that. He doesn’t want that kind of treatment.”

He wants to feel like a part of the team. A gregarious, generous leader on the team who can switch between self-deprecating Fredo impressions to singing the lyrics to The Weeknd’s “Starboy” without a hint of irony. Because that’s authentic. That’s LeBron James. It’s not whatever or whoever Phil Jackson thinks he is.

“That’s all I’ve ever done, since I was a kid,” James told “That’s all I’ve ever done. I’ve put a lot of work into my craft and I’m blessed and naturally gifted, and I put a lot of work into it on top of that. But as far as when it comes to a team, I like being a part of a team. … I’m an only child. I never liked being alone. I never liked standing out. …

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Way too early look at 2017 draft leads to ‘That’s so Browns’ moment

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The Cleveland Browns might well have the top pick in the 2017 NFL draft, and they (still) need a franchise quarterback.

“This is as bad a quarterback class as I can remember,” ESPN’s Todd McShay wrote in a recent Insider analysis.Insider

There’s more.

“As it stands now, I don’t see a single Taylor Gabriel Authentic Womens Jersey franchise savior in the group. That has to concern teams like the Browns, Bears, 49ers and Jets, who could all be in the market for a quarterback in the first round,” McShay wrote.

It almost rolls off the tongue: That’s Tevin Coleman Authentic Womens Jersey just so Browns.

The Vikings had reasons, professional and financial, to stick by Walsh as long as they did. After a subpar final season at Georgia, he wowed special teams coordinator Mike Priefer with a sharp workout before the 2012 draft, and his leg — along with both of Adrian Peterson’s — became the chief reasons a limited Vikings team was able to go 10-6 and reach the 2012 playoffs. Walsh drilled all 10 of his field goals from 50 yards or more that season and his booming kickoffs were such a constant that the Vikings could stay on top of the field position battle at the Metrodome. He was deadly accurate, sharp-minded and able to rise to the moment — he bookended the Vikings’ regular season with game-winning kicks against Jacksonville and Green Bay and found himself in the Pro Bowl that year.

Even after Walsh missed nine field goals in 2014, there was yet no reason to doubt he would snap out of it, especially once the Vikings moved back indoors in 2016. The team made him one of the league’s highest-paid kickers with a four-year, $13 million extension at the beginning of last year’s training camp, and still had enough confidence in his physical abilities to bet he’d come back strong from the playoff miss this year.

His physical abilities, though, have never been the issue. Whatever happened to Walsh over the last two years, it had become eminently clear he wasn’t going to find the answer in Minnesota. The Vikings, who have just over $900,000 of salary cap space, will have to work out a deal for Kai Forbath under those constraints while Walsh still takes up $1.778 million of cap room this year. The Vikings still owe him $1.5 million in signing bonus cash next spring, and they’ll have to count the remaining $1,65 million of bonus prorations against their 2017 cap.

It’s a costly switch, and one the Vikings hoped they didn’t have to make, but it was the necessary move. The Vikings can get a fresh start with Forbath, while Walsh can hope to catch on with a new team and exit the labyrinth of confidence issues that had ensnared him in Minnesota.

All this should be kept in perspective, though. A year ago at this time there were very few people who knew of Carson Wentz, much less touted him as the second overall pick. The thinking at the combine in February was that there was no quarterback worthy of a being taken in the top 10.

Jared Goff and Wentz wound up going one-two. ?McShay did say there was one player who could be an exception to his rankings: Mitch Trubisky of North Carolina. In his analysis, McShay wrote that because Trubisky emerged this season after hardly playing prior, he had not done as much study of him as he’d like. Once he does, he’ll update and Trubisky “could be moving up my board soon.”

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Thompson could break his leg or tear his Achilles

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Of course, this still carries enormous risk. Thompson could break his leg or tear his Achilles. Love could turn a monster, keeping Thompson on the bench and causing his value to diminish. Another of record-breaking three-pointers could convince general managers that a power forward who can’t shoot isn’t nearly as valuable as they thought. So the question remains, is Allen Bailey Authentic Womens Jersey Thompson willing to entertain the risk of accepting the one-year qualifying offer? Thompson’s agent would certainly like the Cavaliers to think, and has begun putting pressure on the team by talking to the media. This afternoon, Grange tweeted Breaking: agent tells @Sportsnet Thompson sign 1yr Qualifying offer with Cavs and be a free agent 2016 before quickly deleting and rowing back his report. Grange did go on to quote directly on the topic: We are a Anthony Sherman Authentic Womens Jersey way from it, but it’s clear, yes, said. If plays on the, it be his last year with the Cavs. There are a couple of things going on here. It seems that what Thompson really wants is that five-year, $94 million deal, but the Cavaliers haven’t put that offer on the table. theory, Thompson could sign the one-year qualifying offer and then choose to re-sign with the Cavaliers 2016, but is explicitly taking that option off the table attempt to get the Cavaliers to quit playing chicken and offer Thompson the. But addition to all of the other reasons not to believe that Thompson would actually accept the qualifying offer, the damage of Thompson is mitigated by how much money it saves the team, as the Cavaliers are going to be luxury tax hell next year. Per salary cap guru Marks, if Thompson takes the qualifying offer the Cavaliers pay $94 million salary and $16 million luxury tax next year, whereas if they they sign him to a contract they’ll pay $104 million salary and $44 million luxury tax. Thompson taking the qualifying offer saves the Cavaliers $37 million, quite the consolation prize for him after next. The luxury tax also potentially explains why the Cavaliers are digging their heels hard against offering Thompson the. The difference between giving Thompson a $94 million as opposed to $80 million contract isn’t just the roughly $3 million extra the Cavaliers would spend this year, but also the roughly $10 million extra they’d pay luxury tax penalties. Put the monetary savings together with the evidence that Thompson is a good-but-not-great player-he’s only the third best power forward on his own team, he can’t shoot outside of the restricted area, he’s only okay defender-and you can why the Cavaliers don’t think they need to offer Thompson the. Last client Bledsoe was involved similarly contested contract negotiations with the Suns, and he eventually signed a five-year deal deep into despite having claimed to have signed the qualifying offer, just not sent it to the Suns. other players had to make a similar decision to Thompson about whether to hold off a year to sign a big deal to try and cash under the new salary cap, and no non-LeBron players did. Greg, who took the Pistons’ qualifying offer last and signed a three-year contract with the Bucks last month, is basically the only good player to have ever signed the qualifying offer. And despite the apparent acrimony, you should still bet on this contract impasse being resolved, and Thompson re-signing with the Cavaliers. The two sides have until Halloween to work out a deal, and everybody has enough incentive to get something done. The Cavaliers have a championship window of about two or three years, and Thompson shuts it much quicker, while Thompson would be taking a tremendous risk by leaving $73 million or more on the table. Expect to read sometime about Thompson’s new five-year contract, for somewhere between $80 and $94 million, allowing both sides to feel like they won something.

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