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Which rounds of the NFL draft are today?

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On Thursday, the NFL draft began with 32 players coming off the board in the first round. That was only the first day of a three-day event. The action resumes Friday night at 7 p.m. ET with rounds two and three.

His attitude changed in college.

Jabaal Sheard Elite Jersey Now, I love tacos all the time, Michigan senior defensive end Taco Charlton said Sunday. Whether its Taco Bell or I go make my own tacos or whatever.
Apparently his mother and grandmother thought that Taco was a good fit for him.

As far as Awuzies nickname goes, further research suggests that Awuzies nickname is actually Chido— but thats OK, because Cheeto sounds exactly like Chido, and Cheetos and Tacos are delicious. In an interview with The Denver Post, fellow Colorado defensive back Tedric Thompson referred to his former teammate by Chido.

My mom and grandma always told me that theres going to be some people who are brought in your life for a reason,said Thompson, a ball-hawking free safety. I remember meeting Chido in 2013 and thats been one of my best friends ever since, and Ahkello came a year later. We gel together so much.

I really want some tacos and Cheetos now, thanks, Cowboys. In college, you will notice that a majority of offensive linemen spend their time in a two-point stance, with no hand on the ground. This stance is comfortable — no straining required. But in the NFL, a good three-point stance is required for success. It allows for efficient movement, and also masks whether the play call is a run or a pass.

Donald Stephenson Elite Jersey Thats why you often see college programs with pro style offenses — Iowa, Wisconsin, USC, Notre Dame, and Ohio State — produce excellent NFL offensive lineman. Linemen from these systems have taken so many reps out the three-point stance that they only need to adjust to the speed and strength of NFL defensive lineman.

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Yep, NFL draft prospect Chad Kelly is Jim Kellys QB nephew

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In football, during a two-year period before a prospective student-athlete’s anticipated enrollment and a two-year period after the prospective student-athlete’s actual enrollment, an institution shall not employ (or enter into a contract for future employment with) an individual associated with the prospective student-athlete in any athletics department noncoaching staff position or in a strength and conditioning staff position.

Once the ball is in his hands, Leggett shows a natural navigation of the field, as well as enough quickness and strength to tack on yards after the catch. Hes not overwhelming, but Leggett shows a willingness and understanding as a blocker, which will make him a versatile player who can play in-line and as a jumbo slot.
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With a great release off the line, Hikutini can be a vertical threat up the seam with enough acceleration to provide a nice window for the quarterback. He shows a large catch radius with enough ball skills to expect a catch no matter the location of the ball or how well hes defended.

Even with a perceived thin frame compared to other tight ends in this class, Hikutini is a consistent red-zone threat. His willingness as a blocker and natural receiving skills should make for a long career as a contributing tight end.
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The intent here is simple: to prevent bigger schools from creating sham jobs that high school coaches can fill and then the college gain an advantage in recruiting.

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USC’s hunt for new women’s basketball coach is not going well

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The University of Southern California women’s basketball team has been without a head coach for 43 days and counting. A lack of urgency to fill the position and lowball offers could be among the reasons.

Hall of Famer Lynn Swann, a former USC wide receiver with no other college athletics administration experience, was hired as athletic director in 2016. Skeptics of another unfit, big-name USC graduate with a huge role but little qualification have reason to worry again.

Cynthia Cooper-Dyke resigned from her position as the Trojans head coach early in March after a 14-16 season. She gave no reasons other than it was best for her to step aside.

With different titles, some schools also have positions coached by more than one man, for instance an inside linebackers coach and an outside linebackers coach. But the official number of on-field coaches has been capped at nine in addition to the head coach — until now. But why not just do it immediately?

A daily-ish mini-column on the college football thing of the day, with some other stuff too.

Jacksonville State’s Ashley Martin made three extra points in 2001, when she was the first woman in Division I ball. Tonya Butler kicked for West Alabama in 2003 and 2004 and made 13 of 19 field goals. Katie Hnida is the only woman to ever score in a Division I-A game (or FBS) game, having done so with New Mexico in 2003. Mo Isom worked out with LSU a couple of years ago but didn’t ultimately make the team.

Here are Longo and her future coach, again via AZCentral:

“I contacted them during the season, and after the season I got contacted back by them,” said Longo, who made 30 of 33 point-after tries and connected on a 30-yard field goal her senior season. “The offensive coordinator (Josh Blankenship), he told me he wanted me to come out for a visit.

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Clashes in the stands caused many fans to rush onto the field.

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The highlight of Marshawn Lynch’s brief 2014 Super Bowl media day appearance was an interview with Deion Sanders. When asked why he didn’t want to talk to reporters, Lynch was blunt, saying he was just about that action, boss:
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Because that action — you know, football — is more important than interviews to Lynch. One of the least talkative players in the NFL had spawned yet another catchphrase: Soon there was a Just About That Action Boss remix and now it’s on a soundboard.

Lynch has never liked speaking to the media. Let’s turn the clock back to when Lynch was but a sophomore running back at Cal:

The first leg of the Europa League quarterfinal tie between Besiktas and Lyon has been delayed after violence between the fans caused many to flee onto the field. The game was initially scheduled to kick off around 9:05 p.m. local time in Lyon, but was pushed back 45 minutes.

Projectiles were flung from the upper levels of the stands towards the lower regions of the stadiums seating. Fans began to rush towards the field to escape, interrupting the players who had just taken the field for their warmups.

The quarterfinal match did kick off after the 45-minute delay, but this was another unnecessary violent incident in European soccer this week. On Tuesday, Borussia Dortmunds team bus was attacked before their Champions League match against Monaco, injuring a Dortmund defender.

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The Rock spent Easter chasing his daughter around in a Pikachu costume

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And you’re not allowed to take a break until I go night night”. At the end of the vid you can hear her yell, “Peekyu” because she can’t say, Pikachu. I’m tired, today’s my only day off, it’s 118 degrees in this costume and Hobbs keep trying to p*ss on my leg. And I luv every minute of it.

There are times when something is simultaneously so horrifying and impressive that you can’t look away, even though you want to. This tattoo of Phil Kessel is one of those things.

Yahoo Sports has the story of a man who walked into a Pittsburgh tattoo parlor wanting a ’50s-style pinup of Penguins forward Phil Kessel and got this perfect, horrific, amazing, grotesque thing. If you think I sound conflicted, it’s because I am.

The piece is a tip of the cap to a 2015 Kessel story about him eating hot dogs routinely during his time with the Toronto Maple Leafs. SB Nation’s Pension Plan Puppets debunked the tale and showed why it was false, and this tattoo is an ode to it.

Biggest question mark: The defense was thin and inefficient against the run, and now the linebacking corps and secondary are rebuilding.
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Biggest 2017 game: The trip to Colorado State (Nov. 11) pits potentially the two best teams in the MWC and is your most likely MWC Mountain decider.

Elite Kids Mark Clayton Jersey Summary: Boise State is still the safest bet in the Mountain West, but the Broncos suffered enough recent glitches and have to replace enough contributors to make you wonder if 2017 will be their third straight year without a division title.

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Danny Kelly at Seahawks blog Field Gulls looks at the evolution of Golden Tate

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It’s been a rough season for the Steelers, but Pittsburgh did rebound well against Buffalo, as Behind the Steel Curtain wrote:

One of the oldest, and truest, axioms in coaching is that you are never as bad as you think your are, and you are never as good as you think you are. After falling to a historic low defensively against the Patriots, the Steelers rebounded nicely and dominated the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.
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Danny Kelly at Seahawks blog Field Gulls looks at the evolution of Golden Tate:
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Golden Tate’s big-play celebratory reactions are on Russell Wilson dead-eyes level. This is the new Golden Tate. Lasered. In.

Does this represent a turning point for a sometimes-spectacular and somewhere-midlevel NFL receiver to become what we’ve thought he could become, a top-15, top-10 go-to guy? Well, I’m not saying that, but it sure felt like Tate was becoming a star in front of our eyes on Sunday when he made a one-handed grab in the corner of the endzone. (I only say that again because that was my actual in-game reaction at the time).

And like all romantic things, it is doomed. Technology is coming, at least to the televised games. Goal line sensors are already here, and the VAR trials appear to be working nicely. After the game, France manager Didier Deschamps welcomed football’s new robotic overlords; on the other side of the globe, Trinidad & Tobago were getting stiffed by a VAR-less referee. The future, it seems, will be a fairer place, if just a little flatter.

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13 things from the 2017 NFL owners meeting you might have missed

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The 2017 NFL Annual Meeting united owners, head coaches, and a gaggle of media members eager to fill the ovoid hole in Americans’ collective hearts this week. While some of the league’s new ventures generated 32-point headlines — farewell, Oakland, hello Las Vegas — many more slipped under the radar as team executives plowed through a litany of interviews and reporter requests.

Relocation and a handful of rules aimed at making the game safer weren’t the only notable pieces to come out of Phoenix. Nearly every team tipped their hands as to what the upcoming season holds, whether it’s cutting veterans, adding free agents, or potential players they’ll target through the draft.

We sifted through those unscripted comments and off-the-cuff remarks to break down some of the most interesting tidbits that fans may have overlooked.

Tony Romo goes on Survivor and gets voted off the island first, because he tries to throw a football at a palm tree to get the coconuts down and he misses three times in a row. — Charlotte Wilder

It’s CBS’s view that millennials ruined hard-hitting TV journalism so things have got to change. One thing is certain: 60 Minutes will never be the same again.

The entire show is being reworked as new host Tony Romo will watch game film from 2006 for a full hour and offer useful commentary tidbits along the way. If you though you loved the exposées of the past just wait until you’re getting walked through the Cowboys’ 21-14 win over the Colts from Week 11. — James Dator


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The Heels have a lot of young talent in place already.

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He’s openly trolling the Panthers every football season depending on who their biggest opponent at the time is. It’s an effective way to get heat, or intentionally garner disdain. When Carolina faced the 49ers, Flair was in San Francisco delivering a speech. Last season, he visited the Falcons during practice and took a photo with Julio Jones. They were his favorites, and he was almost right. Panthers players have gotten mad throughout the years.

Alex Burrows Jersey Assuming Jackson leaves, he’ll take 18 points and five boards per game with him. Grouped with the seniors, that means that more than half of UNC’s points will be departing at once. Three of the top four scorers and rebounders — Jackson, Meeks, and Hicks — will be out.

That’s a lot to replace, and that also assumes junior wing Theo Pinson and point guard Joel Berry II, the NCAA tournament’s Most Outstanding Player, will stick around. Those are still variables, along with Jackson’s departure for the NBA.

The Heels have a lot of young talent in place already. They had a five-star freshman this year, Tony Bradley, who was excellent backing up Meeks and should return. They had two four-star rookies, Seventh Woods and Brandon Robinson, whose contributions were limited. Attrition happens, but there’s a good deal of untapped talent on the roster.

The only remaining question mark along Cleveland’s line is the right tackle position. Austin Pasztor filled that role last season, but he’s a free agent. Head coach Hue Jackson said the Browns could bring Pasztor back, and Erving and Shon Coleman could also battle it out to win the starting right tackle role.

Four of the Browns’ picks are in the first two rounds, and even if they prioritize the defense and quarterback, they can use some of those other seven selections to build offensive line depth. The Browns could target someone like Florida’s David Sharpe, who is projected to be selected sometime on the third day of the draft. Sharpe has some room to grow in pass protection, but projects well as a right tackle at the next level.

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Dan Quinn turned to Steve Kerr, Terry Francona for advice after Falcons’ Super Bowl loss

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Dan Quinn went into the coaches’ breakfast at the NFL owners’ meeting in Phoenix, Ariz., knowing he would field plenty of questions about the Falcons’ blown lead in Super Bowl 51. That experience hasn’t been far from Quinn’s mind, especially a day after 3-28, when people used the date to make endless jokes on the internet about the Falcons’ blown 25-point lead.

Quinn revealed that he got support from two coaches who know something about guiding their teams through excruciating choke jobs: Warriors head coach Steve Kerr and Indians skipper Terry Francona.

The Warriors become a meme after giving away a 3-1 lead to the Cleveland Cavaliers in last year’s NBA Finals.
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“The people who I’ve reached out to, a guy like Steve Kerr, who had called and said ‘Hey man, I recognize, we were up 3-1,’” Quinn said on Wednesday.
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Detroit Lions defensive end Ziggy Ansah is not expected to play in Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Ansah sustained a high ankle sprain against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 8, and hasn’t been able to play since then. It’s unclear when he’ll be able to return to the lineup. Ansah was a first-round pick in this year’s NFL Draft.

New York Jets defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson, a rookie taken in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, thinks he’s the top player in the league. He said as much when asked about Muhammad Wilkerson, who is having a monster year himself. Richardson said that he thinks he’s better than Wilkerson, who happens to be one of his teammates. Confidence is definitely a good thing, though Richardson clearly isn’t quite there yet.

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