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you got to thank the Spurs for that.

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Authentic Youth Milwaukee Bucks Jersey I was driving here with my son and a couple friends in my car in my black range rover. We’re exiting the off-ramp and I tell my son — because my son loves Coach Pop, known Coach Pop for a long time — I said Cam, the Spurs are behind us. He said: ‘How do you know?’ I said there’s a police escort with motorcycles in front of them. So one motorcycle gets in front of the red light off the exit ramp, pauses, tells everyone to go through.

So my buddy’s like, oh, you got to thank the Spurs for that. Go to the next red light, more cops come, the bus is right on us. They’re like ‘Get through! Get through! This is kind of helping us, helping me out because I have (PR man Raymond Ridder) breathing down my neck. So then we get to the part where you’re about to turn right into the gate at the last red light. So I literally start to go and get in the far left lane to go through where we all go through.
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Then the cop out of nowhere pulls in front of me: ‘Hey, you! Stop!’ I’m like (points at his shirt): ‘Warriors acting coach!’ He’s like: ‘I don’t care! You, stop!’ So I’m like feeling myself a little bit, like I’m not getting bullied by Oakland PD or San Francisco PD. Bullied, in my own parking lot? So then another one pulls up: ‘Hey, you! You heard him, stop!’ So I’m like, ok, I own a motorcycle and if I scoot a little closer, they’ll get scared because I’d get scared. So I started scooting forward.

Then an SVU pulls up and I hear him on their loud speaker: ‘Hey, you in the Range Rover! Stop! Right now! You heard the officer!’ Then I get scared because I have five cops around me. So I just stopped.

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MLB Home Run Derby 2017: Predicting the winners, round by round

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Sitting in the visiting dugout at Busch Stadium before his Marlins took on the Cardinals, Don Mattingly smiled thinking about the upcoming Home Run Derby.

Two of his guys, defending Derby champ Giancarlo Stanton and Justin Bour, are in the field for the event that will take place at Marlins Park on July 10. I’m actually looking forward to this one, Mattingly said. It ought to be fun. This is one I’m going to watch.

We are, too, Donnie Baseball. Here’s one guess at how the competition might play out.

Jason Pierre-Paul’s Fourth of July celebration in 2015 took a turn for the worst when a fireworks accident led to the defensive end having his finger amputated. He also suffered a broken thumb.

The loss of his right index finger was not career-ending. But the accident was a good reminder of the dangers of the holiday, which comes during NFL players’ free time between minicamp and training camp.

Limited Womens Sherrick McManis Jersey Darren McFadden was entering his second season with the Cowboys when he broke his elbow, an injury that was expected to sideline the running back for at least a couple months. Dallas’ running backs coach told reporters that McFadden fell on his elbow while trying to catch his phone and keep it from hitting the floor.
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That was the initial story, at least.

McFadden a couple weeks later said he had slipped on wet concrete and fell on his elbow — the phone just happened to be in his hand. The phone, thankfully, by all acounts was not harmed.

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Justin Verlander’s strikeout streak ends at 331 games

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Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander failed to register a strikeout Sunday against the Indians, snapping a streak of 331 games of striking out at last one batter.

Verlander’s streak was tied with Curt Schilling’s as the sixth-longest with a K since 1913, according to the Associated Press (via The last time Verlander took the mound without striking out a batter was April 28, 2007, against the Twins.

Justin Verlander’s streak of 331 straight starts with a strikeout was snapped today.

Verlander lasted less than four innings in Sunday’s 11-8 loss to the Indians. He gave up two runs in the second inning, two more in the third, and with one out in the fourth, he was pulled after giving up a run-scoring single to Edwin Encarnacion.

Verlander’s statline Sunday vs. Cleveland: 3.1 innings pitched, 9 hits, 7 earned runs, three walks and zero Ks.

In accordance with the 2017 Personnel (Injury) Report Policy, each club is required to file a Practice Report with the NFL communications department by 4:00 p.m., New York time, (or as soon as possible after the completion of practice) every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for a regular season Sunday game; Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for a Thursday game; Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for a Monday game; and Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for a Saturday game.

Each club must also file a weekly regular season Game Status Report with the NFL communications department by 4:00 p.m., New York time (or as soon as possible after the completion of practice) on Wednesday for a Thursday game, Friday for a Sunday game, Saturday for a Monday game, and Thursday for a Saturday game. An update must be reported if there is any change in a player’s condition after the initial Game Status Report is filed.

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The Celtics must feel the appeal of creating a superteam in Boston would be enough to entice George to stay.

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Womens Jordan Poyer Jersey Neither Marlins second baseman Dee Gordon nor shortstop JT Riddle could get to the ground ball Braves second baseman Brandon Phillips slapped up the middle in the bottom of the ninth inning. The single came with runners at the corners and Johan Camargo easily scored from third to give the Braves a 5-4 walk-off win as Phillips was mobbed by teammates.

Mets (31-37) at Dodgers (44-26), 10:10 p.m. ET — Teams traveling from coast to coast rarely do well and the Mets face a tough challenge Monday with the Dodgers sending ace Clayton Kershaw (9-2, 2.23 ERA). The Mets will counter with Zack Wheeler (3-4, 4.48), who will have to be at his best to match Kershaw.

Womens Marqueston Huff Jersey Hayward and George would undoubtedly add plenty of firepower to an already strong Celtics team. Boston earned the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference last season before falling victim to Cleveland in the conference finals. Adding these two would give them three All-Star players from last season, which at the very least would provide a challenge to the Cavs.

The biggest question mark for the Celtics in all of this, though, is will George stay? It’s not secret he wants to play for the Lakers, and many believe he’ll bolt for L.A. following this upcoming season once he hits free agency. If he’s going to leave, would it be worth it for the Celtics to lose developing players and draft picks for a one-year rental?

The Celtics must feel the appeal of creating a superteam in Boston would be enough to entice George to stay. Of course, this is all hypothetical at this point, but it’d be fun to see once the free agency frenzy begins later this week.

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The topic of Grigson came up when McAfee was asked what NFL trade he would implement immediately.

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Durant took to his verified YouTube page Tuesday afternoon to offer a congratulatory message to Westbrook, as well as several other NBA Awards Show winners.

Huge congrats to Russell Westbrook on MVP, that boy went out there and was a created player on (the popular video game NBA) 2k all year, Durant wrote. F—in balled out. Gotta respect it!

The first conversation we had together, McAfee told PFT Live. He told me I was the lowest thing in the organization, and he does not want to keep me. Mr. Irsay is forcing him to do it. That’s our first conversation we had.

Whenever he cut our entire team (in 2012) and only kept a couple people, the first conversation he told me I was the lowest thing in the organization and the only reason why I’m there because for some reason, Mr. Irsay won’t cut (me). Literally. It’s not a love-hate relationship. It’s been a hate relationship since day one. Whenever he got fired, I was real excited. It was a great day in my life.

The topic of Grigson came up when McAfee was asked what NFL trade he would implement immediately.
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McAfee said for the Browns, who hired Grigson as a senior personnel executive last month, to send the executive to the Canadian Football League.

The only way the Cleveland Browns could get worse, they brought him in, McAfee said. I’m trying to save the Cleveland Browns because the people of Cleveland deserve it. They’re beautiful, they’re amazing people. I think they should just send him to Canada. I think it would be great news for everybody, and for America, and that’s what I’m really here for. America.

Elite Womens Bernie Kosar Jersey Considering the Browns would have to go 0-16 for them to be worse than last season, that is a bold statement from McAfee.

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