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Michael Vick hired as studio analyst by Fox Sports

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Instead of watching Michael Vick run around defenders and fit footballs into tight windows on Sundays, we’ll see him sitting at a desk.

According to USA Today, Fox Sports will announce Friday the hiring of Vick as a studio analyst for “Fox NFL Kickoff,” the show that leads into “Fox NFL Sunday.”

The Tiger-Cats are 0-8; every other team in the CFL has at least two wins. Jones had been brought on as assistant head coach Aug. 2.

“June and I have established a great relationship, and I feel comfortable and very confident with him handling the on-field product moving forward,” Austin said in a release. “This organization, its fans and partners deserve a championship-caliber team and we fully expect to work together to return us to that level.”

Jones, 64, last worked as a head coach with SMU from 2008-14 on the heels of a stint at Hawaii from 1999-2007. He also was interim head coach of the Chargers in 1998 and head coach of the Falcons from 1994-96.

Jones does have some prior experience in Canada; he was offensive coordinator of the Ottawa Rough Riders in 1986 and played for the Toronto Argonauts in 1982.

The Saints always sign at least one head-scratcher of a contract per year, and last year it was Fleener, who was the beneficiary of the Saints’ generous ways. Coming off a career-worst year of just 491 yards, Fleener was treated as if he was coming off a career-best year. He finished his first year with less yards and touchdowns than a 35-year-old Ben Watson had the prior year with the Saints. This looks to be another contract the Saints will regret.seahawks_042

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LeBron James will not waive his no-trade clause this season, per report

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LeBron James is determined to see the remainder of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers through, according to ESPN’s Chris Haynes. He will not waive his no-trade clause to pursue opportunities with other teams this year.

James is one of only three players in the NBA to hold a no-trade clause; the others are Carmelo Anthony and Dirk Nowitzki. He is expected to exercise his player option to test free agency next summer.

The Cavaliers have had an offseason uncharacteristically bad for a team that’s made three consecutive NBA Finals appearances.

Roberson is a solid role player for the Thunder. While Roberson is an elite defender, his offensive issues are certainly still there. During the 2016-2017 season, Roberson shot 25 percent from the three-point line and 43 percent from the free throw line. While those numbers are nothing to be excited about, it doesn’t matter as much now that the Thunder also have Paul George to go alongside Russell Westbrook.
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Having Roberson back also helps out new Thunder teammate George, who has typically been tasked with carrying the entire offensive and defensive load in Indiana. Now, George can play more off the ball on offense with Russell Westbrook running point. He can also roam more on defense with Roberson able to do more of the heavy lifting on defense. In theory, Roberson is the perfect type of role player for this team.

Must be nice to have both of your incumbent teams over a barrel. The Pelicans couldn’t afford to lose Holiday with DeMarcus Cousins in the final year of his contract, and Clippers owner Steve Ballmer didn’t pay $2 billion to execute a rebuild. That’s how two mid-20s players with spotty injury histories secured five-year guaranteed contracts for nine figures.

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Dallas doesn’t have another legitimate option at the center position.

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All we saw was Air Bud catch a ball in his mouth and get the final out, and apparently that was enough to earn MVP. We didn’t see him at bat, although thanks to the scoreboard, we can assume he didn’t help much there. All we’re left with is imagining what else he did at first base to earn that honor, and maybe that’s for the best. Part of me believes this ending was all a dream sequence in Air Bud’s head.

The franchise has a lot of corny, ridiculous things that deserve to be made fun of: villains who contribute to excruciatingly formulaic plots; the soundtrack, which can range from romantically cheesy to wait, this is totally a knockoff of John Fogerty’s ‘Centerfield’; the ridiculous sports scenes involving Air Bud, like his aforementioned batting practice, and this block from Spikes Back.

Limited Kids Greg Lloyd Jersey Once I attended a Knicks game at which the halftime show was people throwing Frisbee for dogs, who would jump really high to catch them. During one such throw, a dog slipped on a Frisbee that had been left on the floor and totally lost its footing. It ended up doing a full, accidental barrel roll in mid air, but STILL caught the Frisbee it had been thrown. It was the greatest sports highlight I ever saw in person, thus making whatever shitty Knicks game that was the greatest sporting event I ever saw in person. I also attended Game 2 of the 2000 World Series.
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Dallas doesn’t have another legitimate option at the center position. The only other true bigs on the Mavs’ roster are Salah Mejri and Jeff Withey, neither of whom have enjoyed much success in extended NBA play.

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What legendary big man was best equipped to dominate in today’s NBA?

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As the NBA becomes an increasingly guard-driven league, traditional big men have become somewhat of an afterthought. But the son of one all-time great center believes his pops would dominate this generation’s pool of basketball talent.

You’ve got to understand the source. He played, I think … college maybe? He averaged, what, 2.2 points a game? For real? I doesn’t dignify an answer, but I’ll give you one, because you asked a question, I don’t think he could beat me if I was one-legged.
LaDainian Tomlinson Kids Jersey This drew more cheers and clapping from the crowd.

Look, we get it. A lot of people are sick of hearing about Ball and are tired of seeing his every word get amplified and broadcast into the world. Especially when there are so many more interesting voices that don’t get the platform they deserve, and even more so when Ball’s actions have been disgusting and misogynistic. However, the reality is that Ball has said a lot of stuff about a lot of very influential people, like Jordan, and they’re starting to respond because they can’t ignore it any longer.
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In a perfect world, we might all be able to just brush it aside and stop it all from happening, but Jordan hasn’t said anything meaningful about Ball up to this point, and his response means something. Yes, this will result in Ball clapping back and getting his name in the headlines again, because that’s what he does — but eventually people run out of things to say, especially when their only go-to is claiming they’ll beat people in one-on-one games and never actually playing.

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Branden Albert’s un-retirement and release is the Jaguars’ first loss of the season

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After Branden Albert retired, then took it back, and then was placed on the reserve/retired list, the Jaguars said enough. They released the left tackle on Friday. He is now a free agent.

But Bell’s sights have been set higher than $12 million for a while. After averaging 105.7 rushing yards and 51.3 receiving yards per game in 2016, he’s hoping for a number that will average closer to $15 million and has said so many times.

Pelissero reported that the Steelers were hesitant to provide guarantees in later seasons of Bell’s contract, which may have contributed to his decision not to sign the deal.

Bell hasn’t yet reported to the Steelers and doesn’t have to until he signs his franchise tender, although he’d begin to forfeit chunks of his $12.12 million salary if he doesn’t return to the team before the regular season begins. That would be a surprise, though, as ESPN’s Adam Schefter says Bell plans to report with the team sometime before the season begins.

The Steelers can’t do anything about Bell’s contract situation at this point, so it’s a moot point until the 2018 offseason. But the running back has made it clear that he won’t be signed for cheap, and that could mean he leaves Pittsburgh next offseason.

After the suspension was handed down, Elliott’s lawyers issued a statement that said, “The NFL’s findings are replete with factual inaccuracies and erroneous conclusions and it ‘cherry picks’ so called evidence to support its conclusion while ignoring other critical evidence.”

The league determined during the course of its investigation that it was likely Elliott had been violent toward the woman. In a letter to Elliott detailing the reasons behind the decision, the league said its decision had not been based on the testimony of any single person.redskins_082_7fe15cb4d0d6bfae-180x180

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Mark Mallory is known for mayoring.

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All of those ones up there? They’re not sad. Mariah Carey can sing. 50 Cent isn’t just a hip-hop artist, but an entrepreneur. Baba Booey is a well-compensated celebrity producer, the Go-Go’s are legends, Carl Lewis has gold medals, and John Wall is one of the best players in the NBA. When you enter all of them into Google, a lot of things pop up, and none of them is “first pitch.”

Mark Mallory is known for mayoring. And his first pitch. Not in that order. I can name two different Cincinnati mayors, by the way. I can’t do that for Los Angeles. Watch those Cincinnati mayors.

Because it’s the best first pitch of all time, not the worst. And if you arrived here because you were searching for “worst first pitch of all time” in response to this one, shame on you. This is the best first pitch. The absolute best. And don’t you forget it.

Add it up, and I’m willing to entertain the argument. I’m willing to Lorenzo Taliaferro Jerseys
have this discussion in a loud bar as our voices escalate and escalate. Pete Rose is the all-time leader for hits in Major League Baseball history, and that’s indisputable, but what Ichiro did, spanning two decades and two countries, in an era of LOOGYs and power closers, while performing at a Jordan Richards Jerseys
high level and not writing himself into the lineup, just might be more impressive.

This is the same idea. You get to choose which accomplishment Yogi Berra Jerseys
impresses you the most. You get to have opinions and support your opinions.

You just don’t get to change math. I’m willing to believe that Stanton can break the real single-season home run record this season. He just has to hit 30 home runs over the next 43 games.

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Bellinger met Ball at Dodger Stadium last month when Ball threw out the first pitch shortly after the NBA draft.

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The same physical traits that make Tebow a more powerful hitter also make him slower, and Jordan’s explosiveness was legendary. Jordan played the outfield, and he probably did it a lot better than Tebow plays the outfield corners. But there was no advanced fielding data in the minors in 1994, and the pickings are still slim today.

In 94, Jordan made 11 errors in 119 games against just six outfield assists. Tebow so far has eight errors in much less time, against one assist. It feels safe to say that Jordan was better in the field than Tebow is now. But that’s a long way from saying Jordan was good, because there’s lots more to defense than athleticism.

Game Womens Josh Huff Jersey Most likely, a 31-year-old rookie would not have thrived in the field, and the absence of advanced data makes it impossible to know for sure.

If I’m a big league manager, putting either of these guys in the field is too big a liability for me. I want the player with some chance of running into a fastball and hitting it a great distance as a pinch hitter. Tebow could, in theory, do that.

Bellinger met Ball at Dodger Stadium last month when Ball threw out the first pitch shortly after the NBA draft. Despite the constant noise surrounding his fellow rookie, Bellinger called Ball a cool, laid-back guy and said he enjoyed meeting someone on a similar career trajectory in the same city.
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Bellinger’s assessment of Ball’s personality notwithstanding, nothing about Ball’s arrival (or rather, his continued presence) in Los Angeles has been laid-back. For weeks, SportsCenter has opened each morning with a look at what Ball did the night before in games that are, no exaggeration, the preseason for the NBA preseason. On the way to Ball winning Summer League MVP, his every shoe choice, tweet, and minor bruise was a national headline, with the media attention making it seem like the meaningless July games were meant to have been played a month earlier.

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We asked you to pick your own baseball nickname, and these were your choices

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On Wednesday, nicknames for MLB Players Weekend were revealed by all 30 teams around the league. Fifty-eight players will be wearing their normal last names on their jerseys (lame!), some had stellar names, and some really failed at being creative.

We even had some thoughts on the special edition hats teams will be wearing that weekend, if you’re into hats.

Then we asked what your baseball nickname would be if you could choose one to go on the back of a jersey, and here’s what you said.

At the moment, they do not seem to be as involved on Gray, Rosenthal said.

Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports opined that with Jose Quintana off the market, Gray is the only big-ticket starter currently on the market, not a free agent until after 2019.
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The White Sox got top slugging prospect Eloy Jimenez and three others for Quintana, a reasonable take, Heyman wrote. But the A’s, with the supply and demand currently in their favor, may actually be looking for even more than that.

Bellinger’s first-round opponent is Colorado’s Charlie Blackmon (+2000), who has the unenviable task of potentially needing to go through all three of Bellinger, Judge, and Stanton to win the derby.

Elite Youth Sam Bradford Jersey The most evenly matched contest in the first round of the Home Run Derby is Minnesota’s Miguel Sano (+1000) against Kansas City’s Mike Moustakas (+1400). The winner of this head-to-head matchup will go on to face the winner Stanton vs. Sanchez in the second round.

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Bengals schedule 2017: Cincinnati attempts to find path back to playoffs

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The Cincinnati Bengals are coming off a 6-9-1 season after a string of five straight playoff appearances. That’s put a little more pressure on Marvin Lewis entering his 15th season as head coach, and Andy Dalton faces a challenge in leading the franchise to its first playoff victory since the 1990-91 season.

Cincinnati is also celebrating its 50th year anniversary. Will that come with a return to the playoffs?

Here’s a month-by-month breakdown of the Bengals’ 2017 regular-season schedule, and how we see it playing out.

The home opener against the Ravens should be a good barometer for where the season is headed. Cincinnati is 6-2 against Baltimore the last four seasons, and that includes win in five of the last six meetings. Houston, however, has won seven of the last eight against the Bengals. The road trip to Lambeau Field in Week 3 won’t be easy, but this is still a month where Cincinnati could emerge with a 2-2 record or better.

“NBA 2K18” will let you play through a story as a general manager, joining its other story-based mode, which is centered on being a player. The game will release Sept. 15 to those who preorder. Shaquille O’Neal is featured on the two pricey special editions of the game, which will be sold for $150 and $100, respectively.

They were burned by using a No. 1 overall supplemental pick on the Duke product in 1992 — Brown started 53 games over six seasons. From 1994 to ’96, he threw 46 interceptions and took a crazy-high 135 sacks, falling well short of following Phil Simms and Jeff Hostetler in Super Bowl glory. Joe Pisarcik also made a strong case with his anti-miracle of a career in the Meadowlands.

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MLB plans 13 international series from 2018-21

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Authentic Mens Roger Clemens Jersey Major League Baseball has plans to move 13 regular season series to foreign countries from 2018-21, according to its collective bargaining agreement (via the LA Times).

MLB has long benefited from the talents of foreign-born players, though this move is to increase brand awareness and popularity of the sport on an international scale.

Contreras, the Cubs primary catcher who was playing first base on Wednesday, was favoring his right hamstring and had to be helped off the field by two people after the play.

The Cubs have yet to announce a prognosis, but if it is a hamstring injury then it’s not something that normally takes a day or two to get over. The Cubs had to shuffle their defense for the ninth inning. Anthony Rizzo, who pinch-hit for center fielder Albert Almora in the eighth, stayed in the game at first. Ben Zobrist moved from right field to second while Ian Happ went from second to center and Jason Heyward entered the game in right field.

Miguel Montero was designated for assignment by the Cubs on June 28 and Contreras has been one of the Cubs more important players since, both at the plate and behind it.

The Cubs have gone 20-15 since Montero’s departure and Contreras is hitting .274 with 21 home runs on the year.
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I do enjoy going up there knowing I’m going to get more at-bats (as the leadoff hitter), he said. Also, I know I’m going to get quality pitches because (the pitcher) doesn’t want me to get a free pass, knowing the guys behind me can hit.

Souza was the most forthcoming of the players SN spoke with about ambushing the occasional fastball they feel is coming their way.

Sometimes when I know I’m going to get a heater, I can go for it, he said. I try to see it right down the middle and let it eat. There aren’t many times in this game when you’re guaranteed a fastball.

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