So, the game’s never truly left me. Physically? Yes, but emotionally and in the things that I write all stem from the game. So, it’s still a part of me, and then the other thing is that for athletes that come next understanding that there is a finality to it. Right?

In theory, Utah is a team that could bother Golden State, but in reality, there wasn’t much the Jazz could do. Not against an offense that executed with 49 percent shooting from the field and 32 assists on 40 made field goals, and not when they turned the ball over just seven times. When Rudy Gobert was cooked by Curry, it was a startling reminder that even the best laid plans, even ones involving a center you hoped you briefly stay with your perimeter player in a desperation move.

This series isn’t over by any means, but it doesn’t feel like there’s much drama, either. We know how favored the Warriors will be, regardless. Golden State can crush you in a hundred different ways, and they did exactly that against Utah to open up the series.

This foul call sent Gobert to the bench at the 8:57 mark in the first quarter. He didn’t see the court again until the second period, where he was whistled while trying to stop Luc Mbah a Moute from dunking.

Game Youth Chris Baker Jersey Gobert didn’t go straight up, but the contact was minimal. Most shot blockers aren’t called for a foul like this, though the case can be made the Jazz center whacked Mbah a Moute on the wrist as he tried to stuff down the dunk.

With the exception of the first foul, these are 50-50 calls on bang-bang plays. But Jazz fans feel Gobert should get the benefit of the doubt with some calls at this point in his career.

Utah’s center is a leading candidate for the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year award, yet you wouldn’t think so, given some of the fouls he’s been whistled for. The Jazz are up 46-39 at the half.
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For basketball’s sake, let’s hope Gobert can stay on the floor in the last two quarters.