What’s interesting to me is when a generation of players begin their ascent and this feels like a movement: Dame Lillard, Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker, GIannis, AD, KAT. These guys are moving up in the world, either from All-Star to STAR levels, or from intriguing to realized potential. We’re always talking about transition years, but this feels like we’re in the middle of a sizable shift in terms of how we evaluate the next generation of players.

ZILLER: It is, and it’s something Jay Bruce Authentic Womens Jersey we’ve discussed leading up to the season. It’s happening! Yet there’s really not that sort of changing of the guard at the team level. That will happen later.

I’m going to force you into a conversation you’ll probably hate. Who needs to make a trade, or alternately, who needs to be traded for the good of them and us all?

FLANNERY: Yeah, I hate this conversation. But I also understand it’s what makes the NBA world go round so fine, I’ll play along. Let’s assume that Anthony Davis is off the table because that’s everyone default answer and the Pelicans would be mad to even consider the idea. Boogie Cousins is always the other answer to this question because come on; if any franchise/player situation needed a reboot it’s that one.

So, deep dramatic breath here, I think Paul George needs a new home and I think the Pacers should examine the possibility. I don’t know where they’re going and they’ll probably get better as the season goes along, but to what end? PG has two years left after this one on his deal so his value will never be higher. I know all the reasons why a team in Indiana’s position should never do this, and I usually agree with them, but … they could probably have every asset from every team that has them. You’d have to think about it, right?

ZILLER: Oh Flanns, you’re blatantly trying to get Paul George to Boston so you can watch him and talk to him after every Celtics home game. Shame!

I’m actually not convinced there’s an imperative to consider moving him now. As opposed to Boogie and even John Wall, PG-13 has had success in Indiana. There’s like nothing to keep Cousins and Wall in Sacramento and D.C. respectively when their contracts Joe Morgan Authentic Womens Jersey are up.

The Magic badly need a trade or two, as do the Kings. These rosters are just too big-heavy and guard-deficient. While Boston is dealing with injury and while Danny Ainge is never hasty, you wonder if Boston is going to be more active than usual over the next three months.

That’s right, only three months until the trade deadline. The future waits on no one!

FLANNERY: Hey, I root for my interests first and the story second. And you drew me into this conversation, so let me turn the tables here. Are you ready to move on from the Boogie era? Really, really ready?