Rex Burkhead scored his first touchdown with the New England Patriots on Sunday against the Saints. It was a beautifully laid-out pass by Tom Brady, giving the Patriots a 6-0 lead.

It’s great that Burkhead in finally on the board in his new home, but what’s even more interesting is what the score means:

Burkhead had a great game that afternoon in Cincinnati, too. He had 27 carries Authentic Carl Davis Jersey for 119 yards and two touchdowns in the Bengals’ 27-10 win against the Ravens.

The first two weeks have been a disaster for the Bengals. After Terrance West Womens Jersey closing last season with an easy win over the Ravens, they opened 2017 with a 20-0 loss against them.

Then, Thursday night, they lost 13-9 to the Texans, making it two games without a score.

Congrats to Burkhead. If the NFL would have ended in that moment, you’d have the last touchdown for two NFL franchises.

Dak’s ability to gain trust from his teammates and lead them to success is a unique trait that very few people have. He has earned the trust and respect from everybody on the roster from his second-year mate Ezekiel Elliott, to the offensive line, to the future Hall of Famer Jason Witten. Dak commands a huddle like very few do.

He also has a work ethic that is second-to-none. Jerry Jones compared his quarterback’s work ethic to that of Peyton Manning.

“Everything we have seen, Dak has those kinds of qualities that when you think of Peyton Manning, you think of how he really developed his skills, how hard he worked at it and how he really left nothing that he was aware of, how he addressed every nuance of his game and that’s my picture of Peyton and I know it to be accurate.

“I think that might be Dak’s finest quality, his ability to look for every way he can to get better and continue to do it, so I think there will be really dramatic improvement.”