The 2017 NFL Annual Meeting united owners, head coaches, and a gaggle of media members eager to fill the ovoid hole in Americans’ collective hearts this week. While some of the league’s new ventures generated 32-point headlines — farewell, Oakland, hello Las Vegas — many more slipped under the radar as team executives plowed through a litany of interviews and reporter requests.

Relocation and a handful of rules aimed at making the game safer weren’t the only notable pieces to come out of Phoenix. Nearly every team tipped their hands as to what the upcoming season holds, whether it’s cutting veterans, adding free agents, or potential players they’ll target through the draft.

We sifted through those unscripted comments and off-the-cuff remarks to break down some of the most interesting tidbits that fans may have overlooked.

Tony Romo goes on Survivor and gets voted off the island first, because he tries to throw a football at a palm tree to get the coconuts down and he misses three times in a row. — Charlotte Wilder

It’s CBS’s view that millennials ruined hard-hitting TV journalism so things have got to change. One thing is certain: 60 Minutes will never be the same again.

The entire show is being reworked as new host Tony Romo will watch game film from 2006 for a full hour and offer useful commentary tidbits along the way. If you though you loved the exposées of the past just wait until you’re getting walked through the Cowboys’ 21-14 win over the Colts from Week 11. — James Dator